Business & Studio Tuning Rates: $ 110.00 (+ HST)

Home & Church Tuning Rate : $110.00 (incl HST)

Pitch Raise with Tuning : $30.00 (+ HST)

Repairs & Regulation : $75.00/hour (incl HST)

Piano work outside the GTA no longer requires an additional travel fee.

Business Location:

3003 Centennial Drive, Unit 30, Burlington, ON L7M 1B3


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM Evening and Weekend visits are provided as an exception.

Piano Tips


Keep your keys clean by wiping them frequently with a damp (not wet) very soft cloth. Wipe the dust from the piano towards you, avoiding forcing the dust between the keys. Dry each octave before moving on to the next.


Because your piano is fundamentally a stringed instrument, pitch will stray. Tuning every 6 months will help your piano return to the sound you expect. Weather and more importantly, changes in humidity have a tremendous effect on your piano. Having it tuned with change of season will help to keep the pitch maintained. Some customers have a Dampp-Chaser installed to maintain a more regulated humidity.


To clean ivory use milk. Ivory is basically dental bone, and milk’s calcium and fatty acids help protect it. Some recommend lemon juice but it may be too acidic for the ivory.

Temperature and Humidity:

An ideal piano room is a constant 70-72° F (21-22° C). Keep your piano away from drafty areas or open windows. Keeping a rug under your piano on cold floors will help. Keeping a pitcher of water inside your piano during the dry winter may be enough to keep it in tune during these times. If not, you may want to ask Glen about a Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System for your piano.